How to detect Fake News?

For people who are trying to find a technical solution to Fake News problem. Here is a paper that puts forward a fake news dataset and some learning experiments. Automatic Detection of Fake News

Microsoft training gliders to fly with minimal energy

Microsoft training gliders to fly with minimal energy Guided by computer algorithms that learned from onboard sensors, predicted air patterns and planned a route forward, these gliders could seek out thermals — columns of rising hot air — and use them to stay aloft.

Dota 2 Bot by Open AI

Dota 2 Bot by Open AI Our Dota 2 result shows that self-play can catapult the performance of machine learning systems from far below human level to superhuman, given sufficient compute. Conclusion is, supervised learning is ok. But if you need best performance, let your reinforcement learning system run unsupervised for a

Image and Video data to be used to recreate events in 3d

Camera-Filled Dome Recreates Full 3-D Motion Scenes The researchers are worried that they won’t get access to everyone’s personal data to reconstruct concerts and games like they want to. But they are not going to need that permission as users will grant it willingly. Google and Facebook already has most

A case for body cameras on police officers

What Happens When Police Officers Wear Body Cameras So it is in Rialto, Calif., where an entire police force is wearing so-called body-mounted cameras, no bigger than pagers, that record everything that transpires between officers and citizens. In the first year after the cameras’ introduction, the use of force by

How the Recession Reshaped the Economy

How the Recession Reshaped the Economy NYT is doing a great job with The UpShot to look at the data and understand the trends. Here is the snippet of analysis. I can look at the chart whole day comprehending how each industry handled the recession. And probably get a clue

Using statistics in data analysis

Using statistics in data analysis Interactive analysis is the best way to really figure out what is going on in a data set This is related to the previous point; if you want to understand a data set you have to be able to play around with it and explore it.

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