When did your resolution to go to gym failed?

2 months of new year 2014 are almost over. Majority of resolutions people made have already failed. There are very few last standing men and women.

Many of us make a resolution to go to gym regularly. But we fail to show up. It would be good to find out exactly how long does it take for us to fail.


To start with this data collection, we need people who have made this resolution and their gym location.

We need access to their current location. Current location will tell us when users have reached their gym.

We need their activity band data input. This is required in case user has made a resolution to work out at home. Looking at the activity from pedometers would help us determine if they actually exercised or not.


Provided we get access to above mentioned data, it’s fairly easy to figure out a graph that looks something like this.Graph

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